Editor’s Note for January 2015:

As we began putting this month’s issue together, one of our designers, Jeff Gideon, was inspired by the truths that this environment holds. “It seems like the parents’ role in this is to give their kids the tools they need to live out life with God. I like to think about this life with God as a grand adventure—full of twists and turns and also peaks, valleys, and inevitable forks in the road.” Jeff continued, “It seems like the real gift parents are offering with course correction is a road map back to the path that God desires for His children. Course correction really offers several essentials for a big faith adventure—it’s a place to pause, to learn, to grow, to recalibrate, to refuel, and ultimately to change direction.”

This issue of HomeFront is filled with the “tools” you need to begin your new year and get back on track. From create, which invites you to identify a word that will define your upcoming year, to worship, which suggests filling a jar with blessings throughout the year, you’ll be equipped to begin your family’s grand adventure.

The everyday mom blog reminds us to focus on “bigger fish” and not major on the minors. And spiritual grandparenting encourages grandparents to map out their spiritual journeys and share their experiences with their children and grandchildren as a guide to seeing God’s faithfulness.

We pray that as you begin 2015, you recognize that when you get off track, God offers you a path of healing. And we pray that as you navigate this path with your children, God will awaken you to His love and mercy in new and refreshing ways.

HomeFront Magazine January 2015 Issue

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January 2015 Issue