• white poster board or poster-size paper
• markers
• colorful paper, 1 color for each family member
• scissors
• tape
• masking tape
• blindfold


On the poster board, use your markers to draw a large target symbol with two to three rings. Feel free to make this target as fun and colorful as you’d like! Cut one 3″ to 4″ circle out of each color of paper. Assign a color to each family member, and then place a piece of rolled tape on the back of each circle so that it’s able to stick to the target. Use the masking tape to hang the target on the wall at a level your children can reach, and set the circles aside.


Invite your family to join you around the target. Explain to everyone that this game is just like pin the tail on the donkey, except they will be trying to place circles on a target. One at a time, each player will take a turn picking up a circle and putting on the blindfold. Place the blindfolded person 5′ to 6′ away from the poster and spin him around four or five times. After you have spun him, point him in the direction of the target and encourage him to walk toward the poster and place the circle on the bull’s-eye of the target. Leave the circles on the target until everyone has had a turn. The circle closest to the bull’s-eye indicates the winner.


God has a plan for each and every one of us. It can sometimes be easy to fall off the path without even knowing it. Remind your children that the everyday choices and decisions they make can lead them forward on the path or take them one step sideways. Even small steps in the wrong direction accumulate and can turn into a very far miss of the bull’s-eye. Encourage your children to take off their “blindfolds” and look to God, who will guide our every move. He will lead us in both the big steps and the small steps to be right on target.