What You’ll Need to Make Hidden Message Eggs:

Hidden Message printout
• eggs (1 per setting)
• needle
• bowl
• toothpick
• paint (chalk paint, watercolor, craft paint, or even egg dye)
• paintbrush

What You’ll Do to Make Hidden Message Eggs:

1. Use a needle to pierce one end of an egg.
2. Then, using the needle again, make a slightly larger hole at the opposite end of the egg.
3. Position the egg over a bowl and blow through the needle-size hole; the raw egg will come out the other end.
4. Once your egg is empty, run some warm water through the holes and shake the water around inside the egg to clean it out.
5. Let the inside of the egg dry out.
6. Paint your egg and let it dry.
7. Cut out the messages on your Hidden Message printout.
8. Tightly wrap your message around the end of a wooden toothpick.
9. Slide it into the egg through the larger hole.
10. Before your meal on Easter Sunday, have your guests open their eggs to reveal their hidden message!

yellow easter eggs

hidden message suppliesopen egg with message