What You’ll Need:

• small plastic food containers*
• paper lunch bags*
• wet towel or rag
• blindfold (optional)
• assorted foods and objects (see suggestions below)

*The number of each of these items depends on what and how many foods and objects you choose. Each “wet item” will need a plastic container.

Dry food and object suggestions:

• dried apricots or prunes
• pipe cleaners (cut into pieces)
• dry pasta
• walnuts
• beef jerky
• water balloon (filled)
• raisins
• craft pom-pom balls
• play dough

Wet food and object suggestions:

• cottage cheese
• flavored gelatin
• olives
• slime
• steamed broccoli
• pudding
• cooked noodles
• canned peaches
• diced avocado
• tofu
• glue

Before You Start:

Place each item in a brown paper lunch bag and roll the top closed. Any wet item will need to go in a plastic food storage container with a lid before going into the bag. Mix up and place all of the paper bags in a central spot on the floor. Keep the wet towel or rag nearby to clean off messy hands as needed.

Time to Play!

Invite everyone to join you in a circle around the paper bags. Explain to your family that you have filled these bags with some pretty strange items. They will take turns selecting a bag, reaching inside, and guessing what the item might be. Be sure to let your family know they don’t need to be tooooo scared… wink wink. To start the game, select a player to pick the first bag. Once he chooses a bag, he must hand it to someone else (maybe you to begin with). No peeking allowed! Blindfold the player after he has selected his bag. Once the player has been blindfolded, open the bag. If the item inside is wet, take the lid off but leave the container in the bag. Help guide the player’s hand into the bag and allow him to touch the item inside. With the blindfold on, he can make one guess as to what the item is. Take the blindfold off and let the player look inside to see if he was right or not! Set this bag to the side and repeat with another player. If your family is competitive, feel free to keep score! With every correct guess, give that player one tally mark. The winner will be the person with the most correct guesses!


During this game, some nerves probably popped up as your family members reached their hands into these unknown bags. No matter how funny or simple the items ended up being, there is something a little uncomfortable or scary about not knowing. As your family walks through life, you will certainly find yourselves outside of your comfort zone and possibly a little scared. Encourage your children to remember that no matter what comes their way, no matter how uncomfortable or scary something may be, they can rest knowing that God will bring them the strength and courage they need to step out in faith!