• ball of yarn (rainbow color, if possible)


Find a space that is a good size for your family to sit in a circle. Place the ball of yarn in the center.


Gather your family around and have them sit in a circle. Explain to your family that you will start off the game with the ball of yarn in your hand. Share something fun about yourself that makes you special. Some examples are:

  • “My favorite color is … ”
  • “I have lost three teeth.”
  • “I’m really good at math.”
  • “I have freckles.”
  • “Peaches are my least favorite food.”

After you share something about yourself, roll the ball of yarn to someone else while holding onto the loose end. The family member who gets the ball of yarn will share something special about himself, then roll the ball to another person, holding on to the strand of yarn. Continue this pattern until you have created a giant web. Once the web has been created, have everyone gently set it down on the ground. Take the time to look at the web together as a family. Talk about the different shapes you see and how fun it is to know that by sharing all different things about yourselves, you were able to create such an amazing web!


Encourage your children to remember that, just like everyone shared, God created each of us individually. Some of us have brown hair, some of us don’t like peaches, some of us are really good at math, etc., but something we can all find in common is that our true identity is in Christ. When we find our true identity in Christ, all of these different and special things about us can create something big, amazing, and beautiful—just like the web we made! Remind your kids that as they go out into the world, they can be sure of their identity in Christ. While we are all created in unique ways, God weaves His children together to create a wonderful story!