Editor’s Note for September 2015:

We each have our own personal identity—it’s what we believe to be true about ourselves combined with what others have told us. However, this personal identity usually gets in the way of accepting how God truly sees us. To find our identity in Christ, we must abandon any image of our self that is not from God.

God takes our identities and weaves them together into one beautiful masterpiece. No thread—good or bad—is wasted in this masterpiece. When the Weaver looks, all He sees is His loved and redeemed creation.

This month’s family verse, Romans 8:28, reminds us that God works ALL things together for good—even the false identities we have latched onto or the world has given us. Remember a blessing is a powerful reminder that “as parents our primary goal should be to cement truths of identity into our kids in a world trying to rob them of it.”

We want to encourage parents to learn the art of empowering their middle schoolers through asking intentional questions. And we tackle the problem of finding our identity in the wrong things and how we react when that identity begins to unravel.

It is no easy task to internalize the truth that God chooses us as His own and, honestly, it’s impossible to impart that truth to our children if we can’t fully grasp it ourselves. Our prayer is that this issue of HomeFront will be a catalyst for those life changing conversations.

HomeFront Magazine September 2015 Issue

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