• download and print out 1 turkey per player from bit.ly/HFTurkey
• card stock or cardboard
• scissors
• glue
• black permanent marker
• 6 clothespins per player
• autumn-colored paint or markers
• 1 dice


Allow your children to paint or color all of the clothespins. Have fun decorating them in beautiful autumn colors. These will eventually become the “turkey feathers.”

You will need to create one turkey for each player. To do this, download and print the turkey from http://bit.ly/HFTurkey. Cut the turkey out and then glue to cardboard or card stock and trim to fit the turkey.

Once your turkeys are cut out, write the numbers 1 through 6 on the top edge of each turkey. These numbers should be evenly spread out across the top arch of the turkey body.

Before welcoming in the group of players, make sure all the turkey feathers are dry and ready to go. Have players sit in a circle around a table or on the floor. Place a pile of decorated clothespins in the center of the circle along with the single dice. Place one turkey body in front of each player. Now you are ready to begin!


Select a player to begin. This player will roll the dice. Once the dice reveals a number, the player will take a clothespin from the center and clip it over the number rolled and pass the dice to the next player. The next player will take his or her turn at rolling the dice and clipping the number rolled.

The game will go on by repeating the same pattern, but once a number is covered, it is no longer in play. So, if a player rolled a two in the first round, clipped it, and then rolled a two in the second round, then he simply passes the dice to the next player. Players will continue to take turns rolling and clipping until one person has all numbers covered. The first person to cover all her numbers wins!


Fun moments with family such as this can create lasting memories and funny stories to share and reminisce about later. As your family gathers and your home fills with laughter and storytelling, encourage your children to share stories of God and the work He has done in and for them or the ways in which they have seen Him move. This is a perfect opportunity to teach your children about the feasts and festivals God’s people used to have to give thanks and share stories of His goodness. We, too, can live this way by using times of thankfulness to intentionally set aside time to gratefully share stories of all He has done.