Each month HomeFront offers a Family Time Verse that fits the environment of the magazine. You can download these verses at www.homefrontmag.com for FREE!

This Scripture Hanger is a great way to display the Family Time Verse and you can change it out each month. Remember, memorizing the words in these verses will not necessarily transform us; it is God’s Spirit in these words who transforms. We come to know God more when we are willing to open our hearts and listen to His Holy Spirit through the words we memorize.

What You’ll Need to Make Your Scripture Hanger:

• (4) 12″ wood pieces, 1 1/2″ x 1/2″ (these come prepackaged at craft stores or you can have them cut at a home improvement store)
• (6) 3/8″ wood screws
• 2 small eye screws
• wood stain or paint
• rags or paintbrush
• 2 1/2′ leather cord or ribbon
• printed Family Time Verse

What You’ll Do to Make Your Scripture Hanger:

1. Using the wood stain and rags (or paint and paintbrush), stain (or paint) the wood strips.
2. Place your printed Family Time Verse facedown. Sandwich the bottom of the paper between two of the wood strips.
3. Use three screws to attach the two pieces of wood together from the back side. Make sure to screw through the paper as well so the wood doesn’t just fall off the bottom when you lift it up.
4. Repeat the process at the top of the Family Time Verse paper with the two remaining wood strips.
5. On the back of the top wood strip, screw in two eye screws about 1 1/2″″ from either
6. Attach a piece of leather cord or ribbon to the eye screws to create a loop for hanging
your frame. Trim the excess.
7. Hang your frame in a prominent place in your home so your family can see it each day! The screws will be easy to remove and reinstall each month as your change out the Family Time Verse.