The cross is one of the most recognizable icons on Earth- it represents the sacrifice Jesus made for us. To Christ-followers, an empty cross is everything our faith is based on. Knowing that Jesus is no longer on the cross is what celebrating Easter is all about!

What You’ll Need to Make the Easter Moss Cross:

• 3 pieces of Styrofoam approx. 2″ x 4″ x 12″ each (or any size of your choice)
• 2 bags of sheet moss or peel-and-stick moss
• hot glue gun and glue sticks

What You’ll Do to Make the Easter Moss Cross:

1. Cut two of the pieces of Styrofoam in half and place three of the resulting pieces on the top and sides of the remaining long piece of Styrofoam.

2. Use your glue gun to adhere the Styrofoam pieces together to form your cross.

3. Then begin laying the sheet moss on top and sides until the Styrofoam is completely hidden.

4. Glue the sheet moss on with your glue gun—or, peel and stick.

5. When you have finished covering your cross, lean it against a wall to display or attach a ribbon and hang it.