Our children truly grow right before our eyes. One minute they are in diapers
and the next thing you know they are off to kindergarten! Even though the days feel long, the years are short, and before you know it, your little one will be packing up for college.

This DIY Growth Chart Ruler will be a great way to mark their growth throughout the years. Be sure to capture their size on the first and last day of each school year. As you mark their growth, remind them that you and their heavenly Father love them beyond measure!


• 6′ x 8” x 1” board
• sandpaper
• wood stain—color of your choice
• pencil
• ruler or measuring tape
• Vinyl Growth Chart Ruler Decal Kit (we used Little Acorns Kit ordered on Amazon)
If you choose not to use the decal kit you will need
• paint pen
• number stencils
• tape
• black acrylic paint
• paintbrush or stencil brush


1. Sand the board to the finish you like.
2. Wipe the board with a wet cloth to remove any residual dust from sanding.
3. Stain the board by applying the stain according to the directions on the can. You may do as many coats as you like to achieve the color you desire.
4. Allow the stain to completely dry before following the directions to apply decal.
5. Should you choose to do it yourself without the decal:

• Choose a location for your ruler and then start your measurements based on where you want to place it on the wall. For instance, if the bottom of the board is 7 inches off the floor you would begin your first foot mark 5 inches above the bottom of the board.
• Use a ruler and pencil to mark 1-inch increments up the left side of the board.
• Once the board is marked in inches, you will want to go back and mark where every foot and half foot is.
• Trace over the pencil marks with a paint pen.
• Tape the number stencils to the board at the foot marks and then, using your brush, dab the paint over each stencil.

6. Hang your DIY Growth Chart Ruler and begin tracking your child’s growth. Be sure to add the date and any special events you’d like to remember.