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As our children get ready to begin another school year, the possibility of negative comments and influences is a real concern for most parents. Research has shown that it takes approximately three positive comments to cancel out one negative comment.

These Lunch Box Notes can also become a fun way for your children to spur on their friends and teachers toward “love and good deeds” (Hebrews 10:24).

What You’ll Need for Lunch Box Notes:

• white card stock
• crayons
• scissors
• recipe holder

What You’ll Do for Lunch Box Notes:

1. Print note cards from bit.ly/homefront-lunchboxnotes on white card stock.
2. Decorate and color the note cards. You can write your own notes on the included blank cards as well!
3. Store the cards in the recipe box in a prominent place in your home so anyone can use them when they want to encourage someone! Some ideas include adding a note to your child’s or spouse’s lunchbox, placing one on top of a pillow right before bed, or slipping a card onto a teacher’s desk at school.